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Welcome to my audio page. Below you will find audio of
many of the interviews I have done over the years. The
page will be updated from time to time with new and
older interviews I've done over the course of my career.
Unless otherwise noted, these interviews are the versions
that aired on the stations where I worked.

You have my permission to use these interview segments
on your own websites or programs, provided you credit
Andre Gardner.

Thanks for visiting my audio page. If you have questions
about any of these interviews, feel free to e-mail me at


Alan Parsons - July 12, 2002 (5'59")
Another Abbey Road engineer turned producer! It was awesome
to speak with Alan Parsons back in 2002.

Alan White - June 6, 2013 (12'01")
My second conversation with the great drummer from Yes was mostly
about the "Yestival" concert the band was performing. We also
chatted about the supposed feud with ELP and about his recent
university lecture!

Alice Cooper - September 13, 2004 (5'24")
Alice checked in to promote his upcoming concert and CD.
He is always a great interview!

Ann Wilson - June 12, 2013 (10'05")
Ann was a delightful interview and we covered a wide range of
topics. We were joined by a special guest named George!

Bo Diddley - February, 2003 (10'20")
It was nothing short of a huge honor to speak to one of rock and
roll's pioneers. You can only imagine how amazing it was for me
when he busted out a blues lick on the spot!

Carlos Santana - May 25, 2005 (9'17")
It's always great to speak with one of the greatest guitarists of
our time. I've spoken with Carlos on several occasions and he is
always very interesting.

Carlos Santana - June 22, 2010 (14'47")
Carlos and I had another wonderful conversation, in advance of
his upcoming show with Steve Winwood. We covered a myriad of
subjects, and he even gave some young men, who were visiting
me in the studio, some tips on guitar playing!

Chris Squire - April 18, 2011 (9'37")
One of rock and roll's greatest bass players, Chris Squire called
in to talk about Yes' appearance at our 2011 "Let Freedom Rock Fest"
on July 4th, plus talk about the new Yes album, "Fly From Here."
He also answered the question as to whether Jon Anderson would ever
play with Yes again.

David Kahne - May 8, 2007 (23'02")
When I heard that David Kahne was slated to produce Paul
McCartney's 2007 CD, "Memory Almost Full," I contacted him
to see if we could chat about his work with Paul. He could
not have been nicer about it, and we covered a range of
subjects, mostly relating to Paul. He spoke to me by phone
from his Manhattan recording studio.

Denny Seiwell - February 5, 2004 (15'12")
My friend Jeff Vogelsang put me in touch with Denny, and it was
nice to hear his stories of working in the first Wings lineup.

Don Henley - May 9, 2005 (5'17")
Don Henley has, over the years, a reputation for being a bit
difficult with his interviewers. Rather than let that intimidate
me, I took extra time to prepare for this interview, and the result
was, I think, pretty good. I even made him laugh!

Don Henley - November 24, 2008 (12'48")
I got word the morning of the 24th of November, 2008 that Don Henley
would be calling me, in advance of The Eagles show in town the next
night. Don was once again a pure please to speak with, and we had
much more time than our last interview to cover a wide range of topics.

Don Henley - January 24, 2013 (15'35")
Once again I had the pleasure of chatting with Don about, among
other topics, The Eagles' documentary film and upcoming tour,
his inducting Randy Newman into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame
and, yes, his disdain for social media!

Ernie Winfrey - May 26, 2010 (30'12")
Ernie, now retired, is a well known and highly regarded recording
engineer in Nashville. He started his career at the legendary
Woodland Sound Studios, and moved over to The Soundshop, where he
engineered all of the Paul McCartney and Wings' Nashville sessions.
Ernie very graciously spent a lot of time with me, talking about his
time with Paul and Linda, and about his early career.

Geoff Emerick - March 7, 2006 (33'04")
I spent almost 10 months speaking with his publicist trying to secure
this interview. Geoff very nicely answered the barrage of
Beatles-related questions I threw at him, and I edited quite
a bit from the master to make this interview segment.

Gregg Allman - August 21, 2009 (12'02")
Greg was in great spirits and a little feisty when we chatted a few
hours before the Allman Brothers played a show in town. Suffice to
say, he won't be renewing his subscription to ROLLING STONE
magazine any time soon!

Ian Anderson - June 19, 2006 (11'46")
I've had the pleasure to speak with Ian several times, including once
ONSTAGE during his "Rubbing Elbows" tour in 2004. In this interview,
he discusses his orchestral shows.

Jerry Levitan - March 4, 2008 (25'16")
What a fascinating story! In 1969, a then-14 year old Jerry Levitan snuck
into a hotel room in his native Toronto, and met John Lennon. John was
impressed by Jerry, and he ended up returning later that evening to interview
John for almost an hour! In 2007, Jerry produced an animated short film about
the experience called I Met The Walrus that was nominated for an Academy Award!
Jerry spoke with me about his amazing experience.

Jim Capaldi - March 18, 2004 (19'38")
Little did I know that this would be one of his last US radio interviews
he'd ever do before his untimely death from stomach cancer less than a
year later. I was so excited when he brought an accompanying guitarist
to the interview and proceeded to not only perform a beautiful acoustic
rendition of "No Face, No Name, No Number" from the debut Traffic album,
but give us a detailed account of the history of that amazing band. He
was a gentleman in every sense of the word, and it was a great honor to
have him live on my show.

Joey Molland (of Badfinger) - February 21, 2008 (18'25")
I had a blast chatting with Joey Molland of Badfinger. We did a quick
history lesson on the band, and also chatted about his post-Badfinger work.
Suffice to say, he is not the greatest fan of Todd Rundgren, as you'll hear!

John Mellencamp - May 12, 2005 (6'49")
About a week after this interview aired, a friend of mine in the radio
business said to me, "man, that must have been tough talking to him - he
can be really difficult to interview." Actually, it was fun chatting
with him, and I'm glad I didn't hear about that until AFTER our interview!

Jon Anderson - January, 2004 (7'42")
I conducted this interview just a few short weeks before the passing of
my friend, colleague, and friend of YES, Ed Sciaky. John was in good
spirits and there are some very funny outtakes from this interview,
which I may post someday.

Justin Hayward - July 2, 2005 (8'37")
I had met Justin in 1995 in New York, and was struck by what a down to
earth guy he was. I think this interview shows that to be true about him.
I was glad to be able to tell him how awful it was that The Moody Blues
are not in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

Ken Scott - March 14, 2007 (80'52")
This was one of my favorite interviews ever. Ken is an
amazing producer and engineer, and worked with The Beatles
on several of their albums. Since this was being aired
on my syndicated Beatles shows, my questions were only
about his work with The Beatles. He patiently and very
thoroughly answered all of my questions, and recounted some
amazing stories about his time on Beatles sessions. A much
shorter version of this interview aired on my radio show,
"Breakfast With The Beatles."

Lindsey Buckingham - April, 2003 (5'07")
One of my guitar heroes! I couldn't wait to chat with
Lindsey, who was calling to promote Fleetwood Mac's stop
in Philadelphia on their "Say You Will" tour.

Little Steven Van Zandt - April 29, 2009 (21'50")
This was a real treat! Before Bruce Springsteen's second
and final show at the Spectrum, Little Steven of the E Sreet
band (AND the Sopranos!) stopped by not only for an interview,
but to be a guest DJ with me for an hour! He played some of
his favorite songs and we had an excellent chat.

Lizzie Bravo - February 8, 2007 (29'45")
Thanks to a mutual friend, I was able to track down Lizzie
at her home in Rio de Janeiro and speak with her about her
experience as an "Apple Scruff." Lizzie, along with her
friend Gayleen Pease, holds the honor of being the only two
fans ever invited by The Beatles to come into Abbey Road and
sing on one of their songs, "Across The Universe." I thought
our listeners would like to hear her story, and they most
certainly did. This is the complete interview, an edited
version of which aired on my show.

Mark Hudson - October 22, 2007 (10'46")
Mark is a very interesting and entertaining character, and
on my Breakfast With The Beatles show, he shared some of
his funny stories hanging and working with The Beatles.

Mark Lewisohn - November 5, 2013 (28'10")
Mark is the world's foremost authority on The Beatles and his
book, "Tune In" is the definitive biography on the band.
It was great to chat with him about the book and about other
Beatles questions that I hammered him with for almost half
an hour!

Nancy Wilson - June 17, 2003 (8'37")
It's always fun speaking with Nancy, and I was happy to
introduce her to the word "skeeve".

Nancy Wilson - June 14, 2011 (10'46")
Once again I had the pleasure of chatting with Nancy, and we
had a fun conversation covering a variety of topics.

Nick Mason - June 21, 2011 (11'59")
It was surely an honor to chat with the legendary Pink Floyd
drummer, in advance of the re-release of the band's catalog.
As I had hoped, he was a really nice guy and a fun interview.

Norman 'Hurricane' Smith - March 1, 2007 (55'38")
What an incredible honor it was to speak with this engineering
(and recording) legend. Norman gave us amazing insight into the
early recording sessions of The Beatles, and also dispelled
some rumors which have circulated for years. I called Norman
at his home in the UK, and this is the complete conversation
I was lucky enough to have with him. A shorter version of this
interview aired on my radio show.

Olivia Harrison - October 17, 2005 (11'36")
It was quite a thrill to speak with Olivia, via satellite, to
help promote "The Concert For Bangladesh." I was psyched to
get the scoop about the "Living In The Material World" reissue.

Olivia Harrison - June 4, 2009 (8'57")
Olivia is always great to interview, and I was happy to hear
that she'd be calling in to talk about George's song collection,
"Let It Roll: Songs By George Harrison," among other things.

Pat DiNizio - February 6, 2007 (16'25")
Pat is an interesing guy, and a definite Beatles fan. We
chatted about his Smithereens project, "Meet The Smithereens."

Pattie Boyd - September 27, 2007 (8'15")
What male Beatles fan WOULDN'T want the opportunity to chat
with Pattie Boyd? I was determined not to dwell on the whole
love triangle bit, and I'm glad I didn't. She was a delight.

Paul McCartney - September 22, 2005 (12'25")
My third interview with Paul was, in my opinion, our best.
Maybe it was because he was on the phone and couldn't see me
visibly shaking in his presence, as I had done twice before.
Paul did this interview in a car on his way to his Philadelphia
soundcheck, and I loved how he paused several times to say
hello to his screaming fans as he arrived at the venue.

Paul Rodgers - April 16, 2007 (8'53")
When I set up the interview, the publicist said I could only
speak with Paul for 5 minutes. There was no way I would be
able to get in my questions in just 5 minutes, so I kept
pushing for more time.

Peter Asher - April 14, 2011 (30'14")
I was quite thrilled to chat with Peter Asher, and he very
graciously let me talk his ear off for over a half hour.
We covered a myriad of subjects including his time with Gordon
Waller, his Beatles memories and his time as A&R head at Apple,
plus we discussed one of my favorite songs ever that he produced,
"You're No Good" by Linda Ronstadt.

Peter Brown - December 8, 2002 (14'15")
Wow!!! What a score for a Beatles fan! I was lucky
enough to have former Apple records business manager
Peter Brown live on my Breakfast With The Beatles radio
show. He was a fantastic guest, answered live calls from
our listeners and even told the whole story about the
time Frank Sinatra and Sammy Cahn recorded a song for Ringo
Starr's then wife for her birthday. I believe this was the
only time he told the story on the air.

Peter Frampton - September 11, 2006 (11'16")
I had met Peter a few times in the past, but never got to
actually interview him until this phoner we did to support
his Grammy Award winning instrumental CD, "Fingerprints."

Peter Wolf - June 11, 2009 (13'26")
Peter Wolf is one of the easiest celebrities to interview,
because he ALWAYS has great answers to questions and can
tell a myriad of stories. It was a pleasure to have him
on my show talking about an upcoming J. Geils concert.

Phil Collins - February 14, 2005 (13'30")
This is the second interview I've done with Phil. The great
thing about this conversation we had is that he relays an
absolutely hilarious George Harrison story.

Ringo Starr - November 12, 2007 (11'30")
Any Beatles fan's dream come true is to speak with one!
Needless to say, it was quite a thrill, and Ringo could not
have been nicer. He even gave us a bit of a scoop when he
said he thought the All-Star Band would go on tour next year.

Ringo Starr - March 31, 2015 (11'32")
It never gets old chatting with a Beatle. Ringo was
in great spirits talking about his new album and even
busted my chops a bit at the end of our talk.

Robert Lamm - September 5, 2006 (6'39")
I found out I was interviewing Robert Lamm about 10 minutes
before he called, and it sounds like it. Not one of my
better conversations, but he seemed to be OK about my fairly
obvious lack of preparation. We were hosting a free Chicago
concert in Willow Grove.

Roger Hodgson (Supertramp) - October 11, 2013 (13'28")
Man, do I love my job, or what? I've been a HUGE
fan of Roger's work with Supertramp, plus his solo
career, and I was more than a little psyched to get
the chance to chat with him. What a nice man!

Roger Waters - September 26, 2005 (9'03")
To say I was nervous about speaking with one of rock and roll's
legendary artists was an understatement, especially since I was
instructed not to mention Pink Floyd (he was promoting his clas-
sical CD, "Ca Ira.") To my great relief, he was very easy to
engage about the subject, and I actually did manage to sneak in
a little Pink Floyd questioning - sort of.

Steve Miller - June, 2002 (15'50")
Another hero of mine, Steve was a fun interview, and I managed
to record some more material for later use regarding his work
with Paul McCartney.

Stevie Nicks - April 14, 2009 (11'52")
Fleetwood Mac was scheduled to play in Philadelphia the following
night, and Stevie called in to chat about a variety of topics.
When I found out I was interviewing her, I immediately got in
touch with a colleague of mine (and HUGE Stevie fan) Marissa to
join me in the studio for the interview.

Tom Scholz - April, 2003 (7'15")
I wasn't sure what kind of an interviewee Tom Scholz of the band
Boston would be, but I made sure to be prepared for it! He turned
out to be excellent.

Walter Becker and Michael McDonald - June 6, 2006 (9'47")
Knowing Walter Becker's very dry sense of humor, and taking a cue
from the fact that the interview was recorded on 6-6-06 (the day of the
devil - haha), I decided to be, perhaps, a little more silly in this
interview than on others. I was definitely taking a chance, and
Walter and Michael could have easily thought I was a buffoon, but
it turned out to be quite a fun conversation.

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